Wednesday, August 26, 2015

  Bo Rouse

  August 26, 2015

  English 101

    In How to Mark a Book, Adler talks about how it's important to take notes while reading. You shouldn't just read them because you won't pick up as much information as you possibly could. While reading its good to take side notes because there maybe some key words in there that you can come back to later if you didn't understand the meaning to them then. For some people they collect books and leave them on the shelves because there either so valuable or a best seller that writing in the books would deter the condition of them. When the reader is reading the book they should feel like there having a personal conversation with them as they read. Those types of books the author has a real connection about what they we're writing about so the reader could understand where there coming from.  When writing side notes it allows you to keep that thought you had earlier so that you can come back to it later and remember what you read. Some people write on a note pad, but they don't always remember where they put it so it really didn't help them that much at all. There are multiple ways you can take notes while reading for example; highlight, indent page, etc. After you finished reading the book you can't lend it out because what you have done to the inside of it will mess up what the next reader might think.

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