Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bo Rouse

English 101

August 30, 2015

     In Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood it talks about how the under privileged kids are not protected from all the terrors of life but the privileged kids are. Although the privileged kids are still facing problems of there own even though no one recognizes there's because of where they come from. She receives tons of letters and notes everyday telling her how much they really enjoyed her YA novel and how they plan to hopefully find a better life. Then she talked to a privileged kid who was in agony because his father was pushing him to be just like him, but that's not who he wanted to be and so he was struggling almost as bad as the underprivileged kids were. One of the main points is that she writes to help give kids a way out and be able to learn something so that there able to take there mind off the everyday dangers they face.
     There trying to protect the privileged kids and there writing because they feel that there the only ones who will have an opportunity to actually do something in life. The writing is to help kids understand that there is someone out there who understands what there dealing with and there ways out so that capable of being successful one day and knowing that no matter what your dealing with you can write to express what's going on. Finally, she wants them to be able to read whenever they want not just when there asked to in school.

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